‘The Pause’

Curfew without a riot or war-like situation,
No match WON but the nation clapping as ONE for honoring the noble profession,
Earning votes and hearts of millions regardless of elections.

The chirping of birds and a caged human being craving for freedom,
Empty streets and bridges rejoicing the absence of man’s commotion,
Educating oneself about ‘quarantine’, ‘social-distancing’ and ‘isolation’.

Few more face masks and hand sanitizers used,
Hands being washed a few more times,
Few more hard drives cleaned,
Wardrobes de-cluttered beyond Diwali a few more times,
Few more friends united without a reason
A few more learned to pause, see, listen and appreciate.

While it’s unfortunate that a VIRUS has brought the world to a standstill,
Sincere gratitude to our Prime Minister for having us witness an unusual Sunday — ‘Janata Curfew’ in our lifetime and with the hope that the world heals soon.

March 22, 2020



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