Leap of faith…

With social media having taken over our lives, adventure sports has become a worldwide phenomenon. We tend to throw ourselves into a lot of them not for the love of it, but for the likes of it.

Hiking, Climbing, Jumping, Diving, or Dreaming (bringing small and big ideas to life), all seem equally adventurous to me. I see each of them as an adventure sport and undertaking it is like taking a step towards achieving your dreams.

While it may appear a very fancy and fun-to-do activity from afar and in pictures, in reality, there is a great deal of courage involved in performing them. The excitement of doing it drives you towards the sport. However, as you take one step closer and prepare yourself (reserve a time and date, pay for it and see others do it closely), you wonder if the thrill you felt earlier was real and whether you will be able to reach the finish line smoothly.

Following that, just when it’s your turn to dive into the earth or water and to take that leap of faith, at least for half-a-second you feel like stepping back, extremely anxious, almost believing that this isn’t your thing.

And finally, when you overcome this hardest time do you understand the world through a different lens, experiencing the feeling of freedom along with euphoria.

Days after; when you sit to think of it, do you recognize that — It’s an adventure not only for your physical body but also for your mind. Pushing your limits reaffirms the strength of our mind and body. And then…that leap, that bounce, that step seems all worth it :)

To experience all of the above and much more let's consciously do it purely for the love of it; because it’s just not worth the likes to cut short a life.

“I was unable to deny that things didn’t always go wrong; in fact, it was starting to seem as if they tended to go right. Every time I took a chance, I came out not just alive, but happier and stronger. My path seemed to be rolling out in front of me. With each jump and each climb, I found a little bit of belief, the confidence to take another step.”

— Steph Davis, Learning to Fly

March 06, 2021





The Scorpion: Committed Discerning Determined Unforgiving

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The Scorpion: Committed Discerning Determined Unforgiving

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